The IndyQuest Adventure Race is cancelled for 2022. Check out our Facebook Group for up to date information.

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The IndyQuest Adventure Race is a 6-hour challenge course set in and around Indianapolis.  The race will take participants on a 30-40 mile quest using their feet, bikes, various other modes of travel, and most of all their wit.  The course is designed so that most racers can race for a full six hours if they so choose and is designed for both the serious racer, as well as those who just want to have a day of fun and adventure.  Maps are provided.  While no GPS or other forms of electronic assistance are allowed, if you can read a street map then you can succeed.  Along the way teams will be required to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint, finding clues, participating in a variety of physical and mental challenges, and discovering Indianapolis in a new way. 

“The course is always well laid out and full of surprises. IndyQuest is the perfect race for beginners, too!”

“It’s a great event for friendly competition and the challenges require all different skill sets.”

“I think this is the best race because of the variety of physical and mental challenges and obstacles. And the beer at the end.”